Zoisite with Ruby Crystal Pyramid



  • Zoisite with Ruby Crystal Pyramid
  • Zoisite with Ruby Crystal Pyramid

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Each crystal is individually packaged with a description card and detailed instructions on how to program and cleanse your stones. 

Base Size = Over 1 & 1/8 inch to 1 & 3/8 inch wide (30-35mm).

About Zoisite with Ruby:
Zoisite turns negative energy into positive & helps connect to the spirit realm.  With Ruby, the Crown Chakra is activated & altered states of consciousness are more easily achieved.  This combo also aids soul healing & past life work, providing access to soul memory & spiritual lessons.

Zoisite releases repressed emotions.  It encourages individuality & resists conformity & the influence of others.  With Ruby, individuality is obtained in combination with an interconnectedness to humanity as a whole.

Zoisite quells lethargy & encourages creativity.  It helps turn ideas into reality, turn destructive urges into constructive activity, & helps the mind return to the goal at hand after interruption.

Physically, Zoisite detoxifies & aids recovery from severe illness or stress.  It is good for acidification, inflammation, the immune system, heart, spleen, pancreas, & lungs.  It regenerates cells, promotes fertility, and reverses diseases of the ovaries & testicles.  With Ruby, potency is increased, as well as the biomagnetic field around the body.

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