Sodalite Tumbled Crystal Sharing Stones



  • Sodalite Tumbled Crystal Sharing Stones
  • Sodalite Tumbled Crystal Sharing Stones
  • Sodalite Tumbled Crystal Sharing Stones

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"Sharing Stones" are 2 ounce bundles of extra-small tumbled crystals that come with a small pouch for carrying.  These crystals are perfect for sharing with loved ones, strangers, or anyone who could use a little boost of positive energy!

Each 2 ounce package comes with a 2 inch by 2 & 1/2 inch pouch, description card, and cleansing and programming instructions.  Stone Sizes = between 1/4 inch to over 1/2 inch.

About Sodalite:
Sodalite is a slightly sedative grounding stone that helps to calm and clear the mind, and encourages deeper thinking. Sodalite helps one to connect their thoughts with their feelings and helps to remove old, negative mental patterns. This is a great grounding stone for those who over-react emotionally.

Sodalite balances the male/female polarities and helps strengthen the power of mind over body. Sodalite provides clearer vision and opens the third eye. It helps one to cut through density and illusion in order to bring clarity and truth.

Sodalite helps one to build self-confidence and the ability to speak more comfortably. It alleviates fear and enhances communication and creative expression.

Physically, Sodalite prolongs physical endurance. It also stabilizes the thyroid, aids the pancreas, balances the endocrine system, and strengthens metabolism and the lymphatic system. Sodalite is also known to aid in the manufacture of insulin in order to help stabilize diabetes.

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