Sacral Chakra Tumbled Crystal Healing Set



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The Sacral Chakra
Location: Center of your pelvis, about 2 inches down from your naval.
Color: Orange
Shape: Pyramid
Attributes: Well being, Pleasure, Sexuality, Abundance/Prosperity
Blockages: Can express themselves in the form of Greed, Manipulation, Guilt, & Promiscuity.

The Sacral Chakra Tumbled Crystal Set includes Agate, Carnelian, & Snowflake Obsidian genuine crystal gemstones (approximately 3/4 inch to 1 & 1/2 inch each), Black Velour Pouch (2x2.5 inch), and a Description Card. 

Included on the description card is an image of the Chakra symbol, a detailed description of the Chakra, and an Affirmation for focused healing work.

Also included with every order are Chakra Crystal Healing Exercise Instructions and detailed crystal Programming Instructions and Cleansing Instructions.

Please Note: Due to crystal availability, substitutions may occasionally occur.

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