Mega Chakra 21 Stone Crystal Healing Set



  • Mega Chakra Tumbled Crystal Healing Set
  • Root Chakra Tumbled Crystal Healing Set
  • Sacral Chakra Tumbled Crystal Healing Set
  • Solar Plexus Chakra Tumbled Crystal Healing Set
  • Heart Chakra Tumbled Crystal Healing Set
  • Throat Chakra Tumbled Crystal Healing Set
  • Third Eye Chakra Tumbled Crystal Healing Set
  • Crown Chakra Tumbled Crystal Healing Set

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The 21 Stone Mega-Chakra Crystal Healing Set includes one 3 stone crystal healing set for each of the 7 Major Chakras!

Each of the 7 individual sets is individually packaged with 3 Genuine Crystal Gemstones (approximately 3/4 inch to 1 & 1/2 inch each), Black Velour Pouch (2x2.5 inch), and a Description Card.

Included on the description card is an image of the Chakra symbol, a detailed description of the Chakra, and an Affirmation for focused healing work.

Also included with every order are Chakra/Crystal Healing Exercise Instructions & detailed crystal Programming Instructions and Cleansing Instructions.

Each individual set includes the following crystals:

Root (Base) Chakra Set: Hematite, Jasper, Obsidian
Sacral (Naval) Chakra Set: Agate, Carnelian, Snowflake Obsidian
Solar Plexus Chakra Set: Citrine, Rhyolite, Tiger's Eye
Heart Chakra Set: Aventurine, Rose Quartz, Unakite
Throat Chakra Set: Amazonite, Chalcedony, Sodalite
Brow (3rd Eye) Chakra Set: Amethyst, Labradorite, Moonstone
Crown Chakra Set: Clear Quartz, Howlite, Moss Agate

Please Note: Due to crystal availability, substitutions may occasionally occur.

Customer Reviews

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C Snow
A Fantastic Chakra Stone Set!

All of the stones are carefully chosen, not just by color, but also by purpose. Very attractive stones - generous size - Not tiny slivers. Info provided, with affirmations for each chakra.

Kristin Irvine
Better than Expected

My package made me super excited. The tumbles were very big, smooth, and great quality. The price is incredible too. I purchased 2 bracelet and the same qualt is there. Will be a returned customer for sure!


I'm very pleased with the stones received; they're mostly large in size-- the little black bags provided for each set is thus too small to fit them in! The quality is very good and clear, and I love what has been sent to me. Definitely recommending this to friends/family who might be interested in chakra stones in the future! :)

Wonderful Products

I have been ordering from here for a couple years now. I have not one time had anything less than complete satisfaction with every single product received to date. I highly recommend them.

Jacob Stotesbury
This is just so much energy I have to my base chakra andd ground with meditation

they look just as the first day i bought them and its not the greatest but i can tell pople still awwwed by the specimens

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