Hematite Crystal Pyramid



  • Hematite Crystal Pyramid
  • Hematite Crystal Pyramid

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Each crystal is individually packaged with a description card and detailed instructions on how to program and cleanse your stones.  Please Note: All of our current specimens have a textured surface. If you view the photo of the group of four, they are like the pyramid in the center, on the left.

Base Size = 7/8" to 1 & 1/8" wide (22-29mm).

About Hematite:
Hematite is a very magnetic stone, attracting Universal energy.  As such, Hematite brings greater mental and physical attunement and possesses exceptional balancing and grounding qualities. Hematite is also a protective stone, disbanding negative energy and providing inner-courage.

Hematite is known as the “stone of the mind.”  It eliminates spaciness, aids concentration, focus, and memory, and promotes common sense.  Hematite helps you to mentally sort through things, allowing you to enter the depths of your own mind in order to better understand yourself.  It also helps bring you into the present moment.  In addition, Hematite increases will power.

Hematite is also a very calming stone.  It decreases nervousness and helps you to be at ease with yourself.  Hematite also encourages a relaxed, peaceful meditative state.

Hematite is also associated with psychic awareness and astral travel.  It is known to strengthen intuition and to enhance astral projection.  It is believed that you can use Hematite for scrying.  The instructions are to light a red candle in a darkened room.  Sit in front of the candle with a large piece of Hematite in your hand.  Hold the stone so that the flame reflects off the surface.  Gaze at the reflection and visualize your question.  The answer, it’s said, will come to you.

Physically, Hematite is known to draw illness out of the body.  It is a blood purifier, helping with coagulation and lowering high blood pressure and rapid pulse.  Hematite is especially good for the kidneys and the heart.  It also helps to cool the body by dispelling body heat.

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