Garnet Crystal Pyramid



  • Garnet Crystal Pyramid
  • Garnet Crystal Pyramid

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Each crystal is individually packaged with a description card and detailed instructions on how to program and cleanse your stones. 

Base Size = Just under 1 inch to just over 1 & 1/8 inch wide (24-30mm).

About Garnet:
Garnet is an invigorating stone, associated with vitality and increased energy. It strengthens the aura, balances the energy field, and promotes an overall atmosphere of positive energy. In addition, Garnet provides courage and victory.

Garnet is a stone of warmth and understanding. It is known to lift the spirits and warm the heart. It alleviates depression and helps resolve abandonment and survival issues. It helps heal excessive grief and provides comfort during times of sorrow. Garnet also boosts self-confidence, improves the imagination, and makes one knowledgeable.

Garnet is also known as a stone of passion, love, and sensuality. It is associated with devotion, loyalty, and fidelity and is a stone that helps strengthen commitments. Use it to stabilize your relationships.

Garnet is also a stone of wealth. It is known to bring as much windfall in material wealth as it does in emotional tranquility.

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