Clear Quartz Tumbled Crystal Sharing Stones



  • Clear Quartz Tumbled Crystal Sharing Stones
  • Clear Quartz Tumbled Crystal Sharing Stones
  • Clear Quartz Tumbled Crystal Sharing Stones

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"Sharing Stones" are 2 ounce bundles of extra-small tumbled crystals that come with a small pouch for carrying.  These crystals are perfect for sharing with loved ones, strangers, or anyone who could use a little boost of positive energy!

Each 2 ounce package comes with a 2 inch by 2 & 1/2 inch pouch, description card, and cleansing and programming instructions.  Stone Sizes = between 1/4 inch to over 1/2 inch.

About Clear Quartz:
Clear Quartz is the best all purpose stone.  It receives, activates stores, transmits, and amplifies energy.  It is a symbol of elemental wholeness and is believed to contain the four elements of creation.  Clear Quartz corresponds to all zodiac signs and is a pure and powerful energy source, working on all levels to cleanse, strengthen, and protect.

Clear Quartz is especially known for opening psychic abilities.  It frees the mind from the mundane and trivial, encourages intuitive thinking, helps focus and amplify one’s thoughts and intentions, releases higher consciousness, and enables deeper meditation.  It enhances inter-dimensional communication as well as communication with one’s higher self and Spirit Guides.  Clear Quartz also helps with the development of spiritual gifts and helps you to find your true inner light.

Clear Quartz is also known to dispel negativity in one's environment & protects against harmful electrical vibrations.

Physically, Clear Quartz is known to enhance blood, body, & mind.  It activates & enhances the pineal & pituitary glands & stimulates brain functions.

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