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Clear Quartz Pendulum

Excellent service. The item was exactly as described. Beautiful stone.

Gorgeous bracelet

I haven’t wore this bracelet yet long enough but it’s so pretty and one I would wear with my other bracelets or alone. Felt heaviness in my chest when I wore it for a moment, which means I have a blockage in my heart chakra so I know the rose quartz is opening it.

Drawn to this bracelet

This is a beautiful bracelet and one of my favorite ones. Love the stones and its colors. I wore this with the Menstrual Cramps bracelet from your website and it helped reduce my heavy period as well as help with the cramps.

Glad I purchased this bracelet…

I bought this bracelet for what it does (alleviate menstrual cramps) and didn’t expect to fall in love with it like I did with the moonstone bracelet I bought from your website previously. I wore this bracelet last night out on the town.

Beautiful and Bright

Size is as described and a quality cut of selenite. I felt instantly drawn to it when I opened the package. Turkey feather for size comparison.

Frog love

I bought this as a gift for my mom because she loves frogs and it looked super cute. When I read about Dolomite, I knew it was perfect for her. The carving and Dolomite is quality and beautiful. I love this little frog and can't wait to give it to my mom.


I bought this to wear around my neck to remind me of the values and virtues promoted by selenite, something I need right now in my life. The included cord is simple yet quality and doesn't irrate my skin. I'm small stature so the pendant falls in the middle of my chest, right near my heart, which is perfect. It provides me with a comforting warmth.


The abalone shell is very beautiful, bright, and colorful. The shell has a few natural holes on the side that I really adore. The turkey feather is large, it did come curved due to the way it was shipped but it helps fan and direct the cleansing smoke even better. The sage bundle included lights and smolders well. This kit really helps me feel connected to elements when cleansing. I cherish it.


I'm just starting out with crystal healing and ordered this pack because it included many needed stones. I also thought the focus on the 7 chakras was great. These specimens are beautiful and better than I hoped. The stones fit in the palm of my hand comfortably. They are also nicely polished. I felt an instant connection to many of these stones. The bag included is small for the pack, it fits about 1 of 3 stones, but I didn't buy the set for the bag. The included chakra info sheet and crystal care sheet is very informative and well written, this is actually mainly why I chose this company and will continue to do so.

Longing for this Moonstone Bracelet..

This moonstone bracelet is beautiful and I love how it looks and how it fits on my wrist. I also like how this bracelet is elastic.

A Perfect Little Bundle

These stones are lovely and the perfect mix for my purposes. I could feel the Love from the seller. Great energy all around! Thank you 🙏!


I have loved every single item I have gotten from this shop. Always beautiful and great quality. Staff is always very friendly. Only shop I will purchase from

Rave Review!

I got the tumbled citrine today and was amazed at how much nicer they were than some I had ordered somewhere else. I have purchased other crystals here and am always very satisfied.

This one is one of my favorites. I love the little bits of flash in it.

This one is very pretty. Especially those pops of red

My absolute favorite metaphysical shop. Always a wonderful shopping experience with quality product

An item didn’t arrive with this order and no amount of emails or phone calls to this vendor would get a reply. Be careful

Intention bracelet

I have ordered many of intention bracelets in the past, and I’ve been very pleased with each and everyone I had delivered to me. The ones I had sent to others to receive tru this company were liked by the recipients and liked them very much. I find the stones are nice, and the fit is very comfortable.

Lovely little thing

Wow, I thought I had lost you guys on my resizing request. But my Aunt found it and gave it to me. I was already far away, moved to another country! And yet here it is. I love it. I don’t think I will ever doubt the power of crystals again! Thank you guys. 🤍

Good company

The stones as always are nice size, and I love the pouches that come with them. I have several different sets. My bloodstone doesn't have any red which was my only disappointment. Great sellers though.


So happy with this purchase!


Exactly what I wanted


They’re all real lovely but can anyone help me identify this brown one? Doesn’t look like the one in the photo. It’s got a dark brown hue and when I look into it, it’s got a white cloudy consistency.

That stone is the Onyx. Our current batch is more translucent and lighter in color than the standard black. Each one is unique due to the natural variations. I hope this info helps! :) If you need further assistance, reach out to us at