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This one is one of my favorites. I love the little bits of flash in it.

This one is very pretty. Especially those pops of red

My absolute favorite metaphysical shop. Always a wonderful shopping experience with quality product

Intention bracelet

I have ordered many of intention bracelets in the past, and I’ve been very pleased with each and everyone I had delivered to me. The ones I had sent to others to receive tru this company were liked by the recipients and liked them very much. I find the stones are nice, and the fit is very comfortable.

Lovely little thing

Wow, I thought I had lost you guys on my resizing request. But my Aunt found it and gave it to me. I was already far away, moved to another country! And yet here it is. I love it. I don’t think I will ever doubt the power of crystals again! Thank you guys. 🤍

Good company

The stones as always are nice size, and I love the pouches that come with them. I have several different sets. My bloodstone doesn't have any red which was my only disappointment. Great sellers though.


So happy with this purchase!


Exactly what I wanted


They’re all real lovely but can anyone help me identify this brown one? Doesn’t look like the one in the photo. It’s got a dark brown hue and when I look into it, it’s got a white cloudy consistency.

That stone is the Onyx. Our current batch is more translucent and lighter in color than the standard black. Each one is unique due to the natural variations. I hope this info helps! :) If you need further assistance, reach out to us at

Copd Crystal set

Bought these for a friend that has copd. The stones are very vibrant and I could feel heat in them. I set them in the moon light to charge for my friend. The crystals came with a sheet with the info about them and a nice bag to store or cate them with him.

Clear Quartz Crystal Heart
Dani Lani Fo Fani
Kitty Likes Quartz!

Went to cleanse my crystals in the sun. Came back several minutes later and noticed my cat sitting by them! I guess it’s safe to say she likes them as well? :)

Unakite Crystal Heart
Dani Lani Fo Fani
Love Unakite

Love this crystal. It is very pretty. I keep it in my car when I’m driving and have also been using it as a paper weight while I'm working. It’s nice to have to around. Grounds me, keeps me focused and balanced. This is gonna sound odd, at least for me, but I do sense my hair has gotten thicker.
Thanks for the lovely crystal. :)

Sunstone Crystal Worry Stone
Dani Lani Fo Fani

I’ve recently gotten into crystals after hearing and reading about the healing effects of them. I am enjoying them a lot so far. I call them my “pet rocks” :^) This sunstone is really pretty and has a nice weight to it. Mine also has a lot of black streaks on them which is cool. I looked it up and apparently they are black tourmaline! What a neat surprise. Taking in the little eccentricities of the stones makes me appreciate all the eccentricities of myself. I believe it’s working. :)

Joy and Happiness

I got the first bracelet for one granddaughter and her sister said she was much nicer and could she have one too, so I got a second for her.

great stuff

Find these crystals great to set intention

Never disappointed!

I ordered 10 of the shungite...great size and quality.

Blue agate - Perfect size

Exactly what was shown, I got them for my kids to sleep with, they love their n blue agate! :)
I am never disappointed with my purchases.


I love everything this store offers. Fabulous quality!!!

The best

I have used a lot of smudge sticks before but theses are the best I have ever used. They burn smoothly and evenly. Easy to put out and relight for a quick smudge. I love them.

Nice set of stones! Have just begun working with them. Very nice packaging, shipped quickly. I was very glad to see the magic is in you is still in business. I bought few stones from here several years back. I will buy from them again!!

i I am very happy with the crystal and your service. I like the way yhey ere packagef, I lso was happy to have the properties of each stone described. I was happy with to receive them so quickly. I will be placing another order. Geri Desousa

The God Stone

Beautiful piece of Shiva Lingam. Excellent energy for this stone

Beautiful Desert Rose

Absolutely Gorgeous!! Excellent size!!

Copper nugget

Very nice piece of Copper. Great vibes.