Tree Agate 8mm Round Crystal Bead Bracelet



  • Tree Agate 8mm Round Crystal Bead Bracelet
  • Tree Agate 8mm Round Crystal Bead Bracelet

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Tree Agate 8mm genuine gemstone beads strung on elasticized cord and finished with a silver-plated accent. When selecting your size, we recommend ordering 1 inch larger than your actual wrist size.

Each bracelet is individually packaged with a description card and detailed instructions on how to program and cleanse your stones. 

About Tree Agate:
In general, Tree Agate heals the earth and surrounding environments. It provides support for plants and trees, and when gridded around a growing area, it improves germination and fertility. Tree Agate provides a powerful connection to the nurturing energy of nature and nature spirits. It enhances your rapport with living things and facilitates communication with trees and plants. Keep one in your pocket to enhance your connection with nature and to keep you safe in the wilderness.

Emotionally, Tree Agate protects against negativity in yourself and/or others.

Mentally/Psychologically, Tree Agate encourages a positive sense of self and unshakeable self-esteem. It provides strength and perseverance, and instills a feeling of safety in challenging situations. It encourages level-headedness when dealing with difficult circumstances, and helps to identify the karmic lessons in those situations.

Physically, Tree Agate supports the immune system by restoring physical vitality and imparting physical strength. It is also known to fight infection.

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