Dumortierite 8mm Round Crystal Bead Bracelet



  • Dumortierite 8mm Round Crystal Bead Bracelet
  • Dumortierite 8mm Round Crystal Bead Bracelet

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Dumortierite 8mm genuine gemstone beads strung on elasticized cord and finished with a silver-plated accent. When selecting your size, we recommend ordering 1 inch larger than your actual wrist size.

Each bracelet is individually packaged with a description card and detailed instructions on how to program and cleanse your stones. 

About Dumortierite:
In general, Dumortierite opens clairaudience when placed behind the ear. It activates past-life memories when placed further back on the Past-Life Chakra or on the Soma Chakra. Taking you back to the beginning of your soul journey, it allows you to re-examine and renegotiate outdated contracts and agreements made in past-lives, and helps to identify and release past-life causes of dis-ease that exist in the present life. It helps to reprogram cellular memory and to break ties that no longer serve you.

Spiritually, Dumortierite makes you more receptive when in contact with angelic or spirit guides. It shows your archetypal eternal self and allows you to reconnect to innate wisdom.

Emotionally, Dumortierite assists in seeing the worth in each human being, and helps you to uncover the reasons for your personal interactions. It helps you to learn from difficulties and challenges in relationships, and assists you in thanking the other person for their role in your karmic learning process. It stabilizes rocky relationships and helps to attract a soulmate.

Mentally/Psychologically, Dumortierite promotes clarity, self-discipline, focus, and organizational abilities. If you are chaotic and disorganized, it helps you to take control of your life. It provides unshakeable self-confidence, patience, courage, and the instinct for self-preservation. It promotes self-love and helps you to remain young at heart with a constructive attitude towards life. It calms over-excitability, overcomes stage fright, shyness, stress, phobias, insomnia, panic, fear, depression, and stubbornness. It is beneficial for anyone dealing with an addict, as it breaks the karmic cycle of co-dependency and helps care-givers realize that they cannot control someone else’s addictive behavior. It is also useful for people who deal with crisis and trauma on a daily basis, as it creates calm and focuses relief efforts.

Physically, Dumortierite supports cellular memory, hypersensitivity, wasting disorders, sunburn, epilepsy, headaches, nausea, vomiting, cramp, colic, diarrhea, and palpitations.

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