ADD / ADHD Relief Tumbled Crystal Healing Set



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Amazonite, Amethyst, Hematite, and Lepidolite are a special combination of stones said to aid those living with ADD/ADHD. Together, this combination helps reduce hyperactivity, attention deficit, and obsessive compulsiveness. It soothes and calms the mind, balances the emotions, relieves stress, and encourages focus and concentration. Additionally, Amethyst helps with overall brain function. Hematite aids mental organization and boosts self-confidence. Amazonite encourages self-discipline and calm communication. Lepidolite helps filter out distractions, and encourages independence, patient attention, and positive change in behavioral patterns.

Every Tumbled Crystal Set is individually packaged with 4 Genuine Crystal Gemstones (approximately 3/4 inch to 1 & 1/4 inch each), Black Velour Pouch (2x2.5 inch), and Description Card.  Also included with every crystal order are detailed crystal Programming Instructions & Cleansing Instructions.

Please Note: Due to crystal availability, substitutions may occasionally occur.

Please Note: This item is not to be construed as a recommendation of medical treatment or medication.

Customer Reviews

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Geri DeSousa

i I am very happy with the crystal and your service. I like the way yhey ere packagef, I lso was happy to have the properties of each stone described. I was happy with to receive them so quickly. I will be placing another order. Geri Desousa

Wendy Davis
They work!

I bought 2 of these. One for my daughter who has ADHD and one fir me who does not. My daughter took it used it when she was with friends after her meds wore off. She says that she liked that she felt “normal.” By that she means m, in control if herself. That’s highly unusual for her when she’s unmedicated. So they worked as advertised.

I took mine to work with me. I fo not have ADHD. But, I had much more focus and got a ton of work done, which is exactly what I was hoping for.

As always, these crystals felt charged up and ready to go. Even as a novice I can feel the power emanating off of them.

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